To avoid and greatly improve these non-chronic pains in addition to mattresses for back pain, you should:

  • Sleep on a mattress adapted to each type of back. Not all backs require the same level of ailment. It is best to be advised by experts who can guide us on the best mattresses for back pain.
  • After a slight injury save rest for 24 hours and use cold in the affected area during the first 48 hours to avoid inflammation. From there you can use heat to relax the area.
  • Sleeping looking to keep the spine in a position as straight and natural as possible. Ideally, sleep on your back with a pillow under your knees and feet or on your side. In this case, relieves lumbar tension and helps maintain the line of the spine if we place a pillow between the legs that keep our legs at the natural distance from the hips, as when we are standing.
  • Never sleep on your stomach.
  • When we get out of bed we must stand on our side and with the help of our arms push us until we are sitting on the edge of the bed and from there we can get up little by little. We will avoid dizziness and sudden movements that may affect our muscles.

Following these simple tips, we will achieve a better rest and avoid the pain derived from a poorly maintained back. We encourage you to follow them to feel better and with more energy in your day today.

So, what mattresses for back pain should I buy?

Back pain is a great concern that you can have when resting. The perfect mattress should guarantee you an ideal sleep and at the same time improve your back problems.

How should best mattresses for back pain be? What we recommend is a bed that allows your rest with an adequate firmness. Our recommendation:

  • Viscoelastic Mattresses: Perfect for your back. Thanks to its material you will feel a warm welcome; it is coupled to your body and muscles. Sleeping will be a pleasure and will help you to forget about the ailments you may have.
  • Latex Mattresses: It is harder than viscoelastic, but it will keep the lumbar area of ​​your back safe.