Tricks to clean the mattress according to the type of stain

The main cause of stains on mattresses is dust and accumulated dirt, also sweat. However, there are other types of spots that are more frequent than we imagine and which are not usually given too much attention.


This type of spots is very frequent, especially in children’s mattresses. Normally what we all do is take out the sheets, the soaker and the protector and wash them. But in this process, we neglect the mattress, which is also affected by the action of urine. Especially if you’ve been a good amount of time there.

To clean the urine stains use a mixture of four parts of water for one of white vinegar. In case the stain is dry, try sodium bicarbonate. Sprinkle the mattress with the baking soda, cover it with plastic and let it work all night. The next morning, remove the wrapper and aspirate the mixture.


Hot summers, copious dinners, fever, stomach pains, etc. They can cause sweating. All people sweat, more or less, but we do it and this type of spots is the most often accumulate in the mattress. Normally what is usually done is to ventilate for a certain time and change the sheets weekly. In these cases, after sweating should change sheets, protector and soaker at the same time in which it passes.


Granite that breaks, a wound that opens, menstruation … are some of the factors that can cause stains on the bed. If you are not careful these spots can penetrate the mattress. And if something has blood, it is one of the most difficult spots to remove.

Blood stains should be removed as soon as possible, as they penetrate the tissues very easily and are very resistant. Apply a little hydrogen peroxide on the stain, wait for the bubbles to come out and remove with a clean white cloth, it usually works. If the stain is freshly made, rubbing with a little water or cold milk helps it not penetrate the tissue. If you have information about best mattress for side sleepers you can take it from us.